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Safety Workshop By Traffic Police

The traffic Police partnered with GoRides to present a session on the “Importance of Safety on Roads”— the police focused on how each and every member of the society can contribute towards a better, safer future.

The Police presentation demonstrated to drivers the latest local traffic laws and the steps and tips they need to take to ensure their rides are as safe as possible.

Here are the safety tips by the traffic police 

  • Stay Focused on Driving: Drivers were asked to always help keep roads safe by staying alert, keeping eyes on the road, and avoiding texting while driving. GoRides recommends using a mount to position the phone in a place, where it can be easily seen to help reduce dangerous distractions. It’s also important to take breaks for rest when needed to prevent drowsy driving.
  • Drive Responsibly: Drivers are encouraged to abide by speed limits and drive responsibly caring for  riders, and all those on the road.
  • Keep Drop-Offs Legal: Drop off passengers in safe and legal locations, like passenger loading zones or where there is enough space to pull over and avoid blocking bike lanes. It’s also important to know local laws.
    • Do not drop off riders in the middle of road or highways
    • Always drop off passengers in designated drop-off and pick-up points
  • Spread the Word to Buckle Up: Always buckle up and ask riders to do the same.
  • Take the High Road: GoRides’ call for both riders and drivers to always treat each other with respect. Incase drivers encounter a difficult rider, their actions can help manage the situation. We suggest keeping calm, avoid controversial topics of conversation, and respect people’s differences. Drivers are also taught to end the ride at any time if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. And in an emergency situation, Drivers are taught to call police first. Then, when it is safe, report the incident to GoRides.
  • Watch for Pedestrians and Bikers: Drivers are taught to be on the lookout for people who are walking and biking. This is especially important when pulling over for a drop-off or pick-up, or driving at night. Experts report that 74 percent of pedestrian fatalities occurred in the dark.
  • Share your Location: A driver can share his/her location with a loved one or a friend while being on a ride so that they can keep a track of their location.
  • Know the City: It’s important for drivers to know about the surrounding police stations drivers were advised to know about their surrounding police stations in their respective cities, they were also updated on the available app for registering complaints
  • Anti Harassment: Drivers were educated regarding harassment and laws surrounding the harassment act in the country
  • Give Feedback: Feedback helps improve the GoRides experience and promote a safe environment. GoRides encourages drivers to rate the rider after a trip and add  comments via the “Help” button in the app. Unruly riders should be reported as soon as possible. GoRides’ support team will review the feedback and take appropriate action, which can include removing a rider’s access to GoRides.

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